Transforming education – also in Finland

Alongside the new national curricula, Finnish education is in a state of transformation.

Education in general and the school in particular are in focus in a fresh mind-opening report that speaks for profound changes that are needed to bring education and educational institutions to meet the 3rd Millennium challenges. In their report, “Pulpetista tablettiin – suomalainen koulu edelläkävijäksi maailman muutoksessa”, Päivi Lipponen and Antton Rönnholm give a dense insight into developments that are in progress to update the Finnish school system. The goal is to find and cultivate the best practices in the Finnish educational system and thinking and this way, to lead the way globally. Among other advisors that were interviewed for the publication, professor Kirsti Lonka and researcher Niclas Sandström have contributed to the report. SED is passionately involved in the processes described in the publication.

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Transforming education – also in Finland


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