Our Partners

The best school in the world requires also the best partners to make it happen. Our collaborators represent the most engaged and innovative ones in their fields.

Excellent collaboration takes excellent teamwork. Please, feel welcome to learn more about our partners: Claned, Consulting and Training Talvio [Koulutus ja työnohjaus Talvio], Elementit-E, Green Energy Finland, Lenovo and Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt.

The project is part of the Tekes funded programme BEAM – Business with Impact.




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Claned - "Inside the Mind of a Learner"

CLANED® is an all-new open, personal and intelligent learning environment that benefits learners, educators, content providers and application developers alike. A truly collaborative environment, CLANED® helps in learning and teaching better and more effectively, constantly improving the results.

Elementit-E - "Tiloja arjen elämyksille"

Elementit-E Oy on erikoistunut puurakenteisina suurmoduuleina toteutettaviin julkisen sektorin tiloihin.

Rakennamme päiväkoteja ja kouluja, joissa omat lapsemme viihtyisivät.
Rakennamme toimitiloja, joissa haluaisimme itse työskennellä.
Rakennamme palveluasuntoja, joissa viihtyisimme itse ja joissa elämä on helppoa ja turvallista.

Lenovo - ”Innovation Never Stands Still”

About Lenovo Education

Lenovo Education is an inspiring industry voice and inventive IT partner that works persistently to empower teachers, students, and entire organizations through a commitment to reliability and innovation. Our aim is to help education professionals understand, share, and implement technology solutions that assist them in moving toward goals and improving student outcomes. As educators work to successfully to transform learning in a way that meets the needs of an evolving landscape, Lenovo Education is passionate about providing the resources to make that transformation possible.

We are a solution vertical of Lenovo, a global leader in PC manufacturing that offers end-to-end hardware. Lenovo’s relevant list of partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, and more help us to lead interested organizations toward a cohesive IT solution.

Koulutus ja työnohjaus Talvio Oy - "Welcome to the world of better communication"

Consulting and Training Talvio [Koulutus ja työnohjaus Talvio] provides supervision of work and training on effective communication, team development and project management for communities and individual employees, as well as teacher education. Social interaction training and research on it are in the focus of Talvio Oy’s repertoire.

Green Energy Finland - “Premium supplier of PV-solutions”

Green Energy Finland provides

PV systems like premium Photovoltaic turnkey systems, cloud based PV system energy control,
-visualization, -reporting and management and smart grid applications
Building and control automation, management of energy production and consumption and energy saving solutions.

Turnkey PV deliveries include consulting, engineering and project management services; licensing and permit processing; professional installation services; and maintenance, advisory and spare parts services.

Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy - "Towards the very edge of European Campus Development"

Core business of University Properties of Finland Ltd is to produce, maintain and develop premises for universities, colleges and their partners. We are an active partner for our customers. We support the strategy of universities and their possibilities to act as motors in common development in their surroundings. Our vision is to grow to be the leading campus developer in Europe.