Veijo Hytti

Veijo has long experience in creating new businesses in international branding, marketing and digital solutions in multinational corporations and growth companies. Veijo is future positive, always trying to make things work better for people.

Niclas Sandström

+358 50 3198407

Niclas (MA, Spanish, subject matter teacher, PhD researcher) has 7 years of teaching experience in junior and senior high. He now teaches in higher education and has a hands-on insight into teacher education. His research spans learning, learning environment design and activity-based work.

Kirsti Lonka

Kirsti is Professor of Educational Psychology at University of Helsinki, Finland (2005-). She is the first President of Teachers’ Academy of University of Helsinki (2013-2014). Currently, she works on innovations in higher education and engaging learning environments (ELE).

Suvi Nenonen

Suvi (PhD, adj. prof.) works on learning and working environments both as a researcher at Tampere University of Technology and as a consultant. She’s interested in transformations in these environments, with an expertise in transdisciplinary research.