SED means Sustainable Education Design.

Education is the fast track to wealth. Internet is the highway to knowledge. Architecture is the space for collaboration. Energy enables life. Sustainability leads to success. We are marrying all these aspects into one platform. Our research project aims to investigate the value of merging these forces and measuring the impact on people and society. 

Sustainable Education Design, SED was born when four Finns – a strategist, an architect, a biochemist and a pedagogue – met each other one winter’s day in Grenoble, France. The discussions evolved around education, the single most important thing that can make the world a better place.

In Finland, we are very proud of our school system, and for a good reason. There is much talk about how to profit from the fame and knowledge of our schools. But there is quite little that has been done. We took the challenge of turning the fame and knowledge into business through interdisciplinary and thorough research. Our aim is to package all the best pieces of education design together and build a concept that can be localized in all countries. Now think about Ikea and Lego. Create your own school and build it! Everyone should have the right to good design and room for learning and own creativity. Just like SED.

We are keen on learning and listening, aiming to provide new knowledge for school systems and creating a new learning landscape for the future. This research and development is based on collaboration between University of Helsinki, Lappeenranta University of Technology and Tampere University of Technology.

The best school in the world requires also the best partners to make it happen. Our partners represent the most engaged and innovative ones in their fields, from all segments that are needed for an overall education concept. They are Claned, Koulutus ja työnohjaus Talvio, Elementit-E, Green Energy Finland, Lenovo and Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt. Our design mastermind is wood architect Olavi Koponen. SED is part of the Tekes BEAM programme.


We invite you to join the evergrowing SED network on a journey towards the best school in the world – the School of schools!

With engaged regards, the SED Team



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